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My Journey

Have you ever found yourself struggling to lose weight or struggling to put on lean muscle?

Are you spending hours at the gym but they never seem to pay off? 


That was me 6 years ago.

I grew up with four older brothers who were always bigger and stronger than me, so naturally I wanted to be just like them. I repeatedly tried to put on more muscle but nothing seemed to work for me. I tried several preworkouts and supplements but all of it just seemed to empty my wallet instead of giving me results.

This issue not only puzzled me but irritated me; How did all the buff guys get to where they are now? They surely did not inherit all that muscle. 

Then I thought, is it something to do with me? Maybe I am the one who is different.

Soon after high school, I became interested in the human body and how it operates, and that interest led me to studying human movement and nutrition while in college. After years of studying and research, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. Relying on outside supplements for results was NOT the answer.

Now jump forward 6 years. I have gone from this (left) to this (right) using the skills and programs I have developed and tested over the years.

Why I Want to Help

This process has evolved and changed my viewpoint in terms of helping others. I know how frustrating it is to spend countless hours in the gym only to yield no results. 

I was once in need of help and guidence but no one was there for me; However, I want to be there for YOU! I will use my vast knowledge and experience to help YOU get on the right track. 

Whether you are preparing for an upcoming vacation, wedding, or even to improve an injury from the past, I want to help you with a custom gameplan that will guide you to your goals in the safest and most efficient way possible!

If your going to make a committment, can you think of anything more important than your health?? 

Here are some of my clients who made the committment towards their health and could not be any happier!