Here are some words and experiences from some of my current and previous clients.


“Joel has been fantastic at helping my wife and I achieve our goals. Every time we meet, he has new and interesting routines for us to do, and his focus on total body strength and function is great. Even when we aren’t working out, Joel has been invaluable at educating us on nutrition and lifestyle changes we can make. Working with Joel has made me look forward to coming into the gym, and I can see the improvements we’re making every day. You couldn’t ask for a better trainer!”

-David Pier

“Joel has been amazing to work with – he has an innate sense of when I can and should push myself more, but at the same time is considerate of any physical limitations. Joel is very knowledgeable in varying forms and exercises, and is often able to come up with alternative methods when needed to ensure I can still work towards achieving my fitness goals. Joel’s positive attitude reinforces my own self-confidence, so I always look forward to my workouts with him. I have lost close to 50 lbs, and had to get my wedding dress taken in 8 inches! I am continually amazed at how far I’ve come on my fitness journey, and working with Joel has been a huge part of my continual success.”

-Darcy Caba

“Joel has been my personal trainer for 6 months, and I have enjoyed a terrific, productive time with him.  I am a 50-something professional female, and had not done much working out before I joined the gym.  Joel has been excellent at coordinating my goals with my personal workout style and patterns. Joel is very focused in observing my capabilities, as well as any particular special needs, and assuring I continue to achieve new levels of performance nearly every session.  Although it really does depend on my own level of commitment and effort, I would not get much accomplished without the benefits of Joel’s technical expertise, guidance and awesome spirit and encouragement!  He has taken me so much further than anything I could have done on my own!  The body sculpting is working!  I have a waist again!  And Joel got my upper arms more summer-friendly quickly after we began to work together.  I have lost 15-20 lbs and I have the appearance of having lost even more!  I am super grateful for the person and the professional trainer that Joel is!  Yes, I do definitely recommend him as a dynamite trainer!  Thank you, Joel, for everything!”

-Stacee Fischer

“I have been training with Joel for about 10 months
now, and he has been my best trainer, my nutritionist and mentor. I have
totally changed my lifestyle from who I was to who I am now. I feel alive and
energetic every time I step into the gym. We have achieved a lot in our
sessions and we have always made sure we are doing better and more efficient
every training. He has focused on correcting my form and getting me to workout
right. We have played around with supersets and personal record sets which mean
a lot me. Joel always has a great smile and workout plan for the session. With
his knowledge of nutrition and personal training skills, it makes him a great
trainer to count for! He knows what works best for each of his client and with
some boot camp sessions I could see my progress coming to life. So far, I have
lost about 40 pounds so far and I can proudly say Joel has been important part
of my transformation. Thanks Joel!”

-Anurag Appalal

“I’ve always been lazy and never wanted to step into the gym, used to think it was same old cadio exercises – treadmill, cross trainer and cycle for weightloss. My brother who’s hired Joel as his personal trainer literally forced me to join gym for 3 months and taught me the workout regime he’s learnt from Joel and it changed my lifestyle for ever. I’m inspired and motivated to go to gym daily and lift weights, even took a year subscription recently. I’ve lost about 64lbs since then and I’m halfway through my transformation journey. Thanks for all the useful tips and exercises! Cheers!”

-Anupam Appalal